Best online lectures for Judicial Services

Cracking judicial service exams are quite challenging and require rigorous preparation and practice. When it comes to preparing for this exam, most candidates face the problem of finding a good mentor or a guidance to assist them focus in the right direction and select best material to read through. In such scenarios, coaching classes or online lectures for judicial services are some of the good options for you.  

Why are online lectures helpful for judiciary exam preparation?

  1. Online lectures for judiciary exam preparation are simple and easy to understand. These lectures have made studies interesting for students. Online lectures cover the entire syllabus in a compact and time-bound manner and provide crisp and thorough knowledge while saving your time. 
  2. Online lectures are convenient to follow while preparing for judicial services exams. These online lectures can be easily accessed on your laptop and mobile phone. 
  3. Online lectures can also be recorded so that you can review them any time if you have any questions or doubts.

Best online lectures for judicial services features:

  1. The Best Faculty: Online lectures delivered by the MJ Sir, award winning faculty with over 6 year+ of experience.
  2. The Best Video Lectures : Each lecture has been delivered by MJ sir himself. Bare Acts and Case laws summarized and delivered in an easy to understand manner. Lectures are convenient and save your preparation time. 
  3. These lectures cover the syllabus for both preliminary and main examination. 

Online Lectures Delivered by the Professional Faculty :

The online lectures for judicial service exam preparation delivered by MJ Sir are easy to follow and understand. These online lectures for civil judge exam provide the foundation of legal concepts to help you prepare and crack the judicial services. The manner in which online lectures are delivered, is concise and expressive so that candidates can get a good command over the various topics. 

Who can see the lectures?

These online lectures for judicial services are mainly for those :

  1. LLB students
  2. Lawyers who have experience in the field and are willing to appear for judicial services.
  3. Those candidates who are willing to join judicial services.

Benefits of online lectures for Judicial Services

  1. Now candidates who are willing to join judicial services examinations do not have to step out of their home to join coaching classes. They can prepare for judicial services online, being at the convenience of home.
  2. These judicial services preparation lectures are designed in such a manner that candidates can prepare for all stages of judicial services examination such as preliminary, mains, and interview.
  3. Candidates can watch and follow these lectures on mobiles, laptops, or tablets.

Here you can check out video lectures by MJ sir, based on judicial service exams, latest case laws, current affairs and more.

1.) Introduction to NI Act 1881

2.) Important sections of Indian Evidence 1872 

3.) What is section 420 ?

4.) Fundamental Rights

5.) Jurisdiction of Civil Courts 

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