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IPC or the Indian Penal Code is the authorized criminal code of the Republic of India. IPC is a complete code intended to cover all the conditions of criminal law. The IPC or Indian Penal Code comprises 511 sections which are further divided into 23 chapters. In this article check out video IPC lecture notes delivered by MJ sir.

What is IPC?

IPC is the main criminal code for India. Indian Penal Code includes all criminal violations including crimes related to property, crimes against any state or public serenity etc. According to the Indian Constitution, if anyone is found guilty of any crime, they will be punished under the sections of IPC. 

IPC In Judiciary Exam:

Law students or aspiring candidates preparing for judicial services in 2021 are often curious about the important sections of Indian Penal Code. IPC is vast and it’s a challenging task to cover the entire IPC sections if you have limited time.

IPC Lecture Notes By MJ Sir:

This article includes lectures of Indian Penal Code which is useful for BPSC preparation and judicial service exam preparation. These IPC lecture notes will help all the law candidates who want to crack competitive judicial service exams.

Check out video IPC lecture notes by MJ sir. These IPC lectures include an introduction to the Indian Penal Code, a brief history of IPC, and its important sections that will help you to learn more about the important sections of IPC.

1.) Indian Penal Code – 1860 Brief History of IPC

2.) Brief history of Indian Penal Code

3.) IPC 1860| Doctrine of “Mens Rea”

4.) IPC 1860 | Chapter 1

5.) Indian Penal Code 1860 | Chapter 2

6.) Differebce between IPC and CrPC

7.) Best Books For IPC   

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