Law Lectures in English

Vidhik Shiksha provides law lectures that are created with research-based content. These law lectures in English include topics like Constitutional Law, The Indian Penal Code, The Code of Criminal Procedure, Property Law, and much more.

Law Lectures in English by Prof. Manmohan Joshi

Prof. Manmohan Joshi is a renowned Law Scholar, who has delivered more than 1200 seminars across the globe related to legal awareness, Legal Education, and more. If you are preparing for judicial services, these law lectures cover a range of topics for everyone. 

Given below is the list of law lectures for aspiring candidates for judicial service and civil judge exam preparation

1.) What is Constitution?

2.) Comprehensive Introduction to IPC-1860

3.) What is constitution law?

4.) Know All About Criminal Conspiracy with Latest Amendments and Landmark Judgements

5.) Various Theories Of Punishment

6.) Introduction and Historical Background Of Constitution of India | Constitution Series Lecture 1

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